Heroes of Tomorrow


Name: Anthony Randall

First Appearance: Heroes of Tomorrow #1

Bio: Not much is known about Anthony Randall, the perpetually angry, hook sword wielding vigilante, as he tends to keep to himself.  What is known, is that he was born to Craig and Darlene Randall, who reportedly disappeared shortly after he turned 12 years old. After their disappearance, Anthony and his brother, [Name Redacted], were placed into foster care, where Anthony stayed for all of two hours, before escaping. He disappeared for 3 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days, before he was arrested for involvement in gang activity. He is ill-mannered, short tempered, and quick to action.



Name: Helios/Raymond Hughes

First Appearance: Heroes of Tomorrow #1

Bio: Raymond Hughes was a collegiate level chemisty professor, before a student's lab project left him and many others injured. The ensuing fire from the project's malfunction claimed three fatalities. It is unknown if the accident gave Raymond his powers, or merely awakened them, but the first recorded use of them was over a year later, after he moved to pursue a career in teaching Greek Mythology as a college course. He is weak-willed and seems to suffer from anxiety, but is kind-hearted, and selfless, almost to a fault. 




Name: Mercury/Dahj Tesla

First Appearance: Heroes of Tomorrow #1

Bio: Dahj Tesla was, apparently, gifted with super-speed from birth. His body has been formed to be able to handle high speeds, and the impact such movement creates. It seems his body generates a bio-electric field to all but neutralize the effects of friction on his body and clothing. Further study of his abilities may be necessary. Tesla is currently a college student, studying at [Name Redacted], where he has been given a full academic scholarship. He is cocky, impatient (perhaps as a result of his increased reflexes), and incredibly determined.

(NOTE: Why Mercury wears goggles in uncertain. We believed the bio-electric field would protect against debris, but that may not be the case. We now believe his eyes may not be as developed as the rest of his body.)



Name: Zero/Arata Tomiko

First Appearance: Heroes of Tomorrow #1

Bio: Arata Tomiko is the son of billionaire industrialist, Masaru Tomiko. Arata has spent most of his life training his body to be as strong and fast as possible through learning several martial arts, and has now decided to apply those abilities to crime fighting. It seems he has a fondness for dangerous activities, including mountain climbing, skydiving, and spelunking. Not to say he's lacking in formal education, as he's been taught by some of the most revered professors in the world, all paid for by his father. Arata is selfish, bossy, and incredibly particular, but he is a very gifted tactical thinker, and incredibly skilled fighter.