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Featured Issue: Heroes of Tomorrow #14

Whoa! I didn’t even do one of these for Issue 13! In fact, the last one mentioned that Infinity War was out on DVD, and now Endgame’s out. Man, time’s crazy, huh?

Anyway, to recap, our Heroes have arrived at the now Russian-owned fight club, ready to kick some ass. The Russians are making big moves, like attacking the Mafia and selling actual people.

Anthony has confronted Vladimir, and they’re about to showdown. Zero is fighting in the cage to buy time, and to take out as many Russians as he can one on one. Mercury is chasing after a van filled with kidnapping victims, after Helios tried to stop it and managed to give one of the girls his communicator.

Also, this comic is 23 pages long, as opposed to the usual 15. So, enjoy.