About Us:

Wonder Comics is an online comic book publisher (can we say that? It does say "Publish" on the button.) composed of two not-so-talented guys, paying much more talented people to make our lack of talent look pretty. 

Wonder Comics was founded in 2012, when some guy at a McDonald's told us that we should "do something with your beautiful minds". That guy was kinda weird. But, because of him, here we are. So thanks, guy. Wherever you are. 

Wonder Comics sat in hiatus for 3 years, as the founders came to realize that making comics takes a surprising amount of money. It wasn't until Early February, 2015, that the first script for Heroes of Tomorrow was finished, and an artist was hired to design the characters. Then, some other stuff happened, yadda yadda yadda, and here you are! On the About page for some fucking reason.

We hope to produce at least one (because someone spends too much money on pot), 15 page comic a month, or release a page every other day. Whatever. Eventually, we hope to turn this into a full-blown comic book publishing company, with physical copies and everything. One day, I hope we even get color. 


Contact Us:

Email: wondercomicsgroup@gmail.com

Twitter: @WonderComics